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For you information, this information has compiled while BKChem version 0.12.0_pre3 was latest. It lists general workflow tips.

Some tips and tricks are listed at the “Tips and tricks” section of the FNA/FAQ page. However, the following tips were extracted out of progress.log and only new tips are displayed.


  • marks on selected atoms can be moved via arrow keys in mark mode. Select the atom, change to mark mode, use arrow keys to move the marks
  • marks can be moved by mouse while in mark mode with LMB-dragging
  • numbering support for atoms (use context menu or numbering mode). Number is represented by a mark - it can be positioned in mark mode either by mouse or arrow keys
  • circle around some marks (plus and minus signs) can be switched off while in mark mode RMB-click on the mark, select “Circle around mark”
  • set different mark sizes for different marks on the same atom with RMB-click on the mark, select “Mark size”, you have to be in mark mode, of course


  • interactive positioning in draw mode of second line in double bonds is possible with shift-LMB-click
  • “C-d n” where “n” is number in range 2-9 appends an aliphatic chain to the focused atom. Note, you have to hover the mouse cursor over the atom, otherwise this shortcut is rendered useless.


  • double click in edit mode selects the whole molecule
  • “\n” in text entry is translated to new-line
  • when editing text or atom it is possible to use keyboard shortcuts to insert formating tags (Ctrl-s = sub = subscript, Ctrl-S = sup = superscript, Ctrl-i = i = italic, Ctrl-b = b = bold)

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