Target Audience

Hello and welcome to the wiki based documentation of BKChem.

This series of articles is intended for users that have never worked before with chemical drawing programs. These programs let you draw molecules. If you need help with your very first steps at drawing molecules or you struggle at some point with a setting/plugin, this documentation is for you.


As you are reading this, you have the required knowledge of english, to read through the rest of this documentation. ^_^

Besides an interest in BKChem, there are no other requirements. Installation of BKChem will be described in the process later on.

What is BKChem

As you have found this article, you probably have read the first paragraph of the Title page of

For a more detailed page that list features of BKChem refer to the Features page of

BKChem's History

Again, two links. If you are interested in a general overview for the development of BKChem take a look at the History page of

The other link is the progress.log file

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