How to participate

To avoid bots and other nasty things out there, this wiki is read-only for unregistered users. To change anything here, you must at first register. After doing so, you are free to submit your content, however before doing so I would strongly advise you to read the rest of this page to get overview of the suggested best practices.

Basic rules

I would like this wiki to become the central point of BKChem documentation. I welcome any howtos, tips & tricks and similar pages. If you have some interesting home made plugin or batch script, it is most welcome too. Please be warned that any content not related to BKChem, will be deleted as well as any offensive material. If you are not sure if some material is appropriate for this site, do not hesitate to contact me at bedaatziraeldotorg.

The license

Please read the license information before submitting or using any of the material found on this page.


This wiki uses the concept of namespaces to group similar pages together. For now all user documentation should be in the default namespace (the one that does not have to be specified in links). All the information about this site is in the “about” namespace (about:XXX type of links) and cannot be changed by ordinary users, only managers or me.

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