Electronic guide to chemical drawing

learning to draw chemical structures easily

Video tutorials:

Introduction of BKChem-workspace

Deleting and correcting

Alkanes, basic modifications

  • Drawing the simpliest structures and modifying them is the right thing to do at first to get know a chemical editor

Alkenes, alkynes, types of formulas and size of a structure

  • There are lots of types of formulas and each of them should be used in different situations.This is shown on alkenes and alkynes.There is also a way how to resize a molecule shown.
  • Image tutorial also available: How to draw a bond, submenu

Joining more aromatic structures together

  • This example is about how to make naphtalene or phenyl-benzene the most easiest way

Adding different groups to hydrocarbons

  • An example how to add a substituent of any type to a molecule

Drawing inorganic reactions

  • BKChem is not only applicable in organic chemistry, lots of inorganic reactions could be drawn

Easy way to write atom symbols, using 'SHIFT'

  • The easiest way how to write atom symbols is really simple, but sometimes a bit complicated mainly when drawing complicated structures. SHIFT button has a good usage in multiple editing
  • Image tutorial also available: Important bond appearence

Atom mode, meanings of buttons and converting structures

  • There is a big difference between buttons behind a text line in atom mode, when a molecule is interpreted correctly, it's easy to work with it then

Converting molecules to linear structures

  • Sometimes is very useful, when the main carbon chain or a whole molecule is linear. Side chains could be modified as well.

Scaling and chemistry check

  • Simple way how to make molecule bigger or smaler with several other options and introduction of chemistry checker
  • Image tutorial also available: Changing size of an object

Drawing a complicated molecule

  • It is sometimes hard to decide, where to begin or how to connect two things in a big structure. This example explains everything on LSD molecule. !!!NOTE: (NH) group is missing at left example:)

Drawing an organic reaction

  • These types of reactions usually have a lot of steps, and products of these are complicated structures, which differ one from another just in small details. Therefore using copying (CTRL-C) and pasting (CTRL-V) is shown.