Development sources

The development sources of BKChem are maintained using git and hosted on Gitorious ( and For those who would like to download the development version of BKChem, here is a short HOWTO:

  1. You have to get git and install it. On most Linux system, you will have a package available, so you would just do something like:

    >> emerge git
    >> apt-get install git
    >> yum install git

    as root (the actual command depends on your distribution).

  2. Clone the bkchem repository:

    >> git clone git://
  3. Get all packages registered as submodules of BKChem - most notably OASA:

    >> cd bkchem
    >> git submodule init
    >> git submodule update

Now you should have the complete and (hopefully) working sources of bkchem in the directory bkchem as you would have in case you downloaded them as an archive from the website.

NOTE: If you are not insterested in BKChem and would just like to check out OASA, you can clone it directly using:

>> git clone git://